Flat Six Innovations is one of several divisions that makes up Raby Enterprises Inc. Headquartered in a small town in the Mountains of Northeast Georgia called Cleveland; we are away from the traffic lights and fast paced atmosphere that makes up todays society. This allows our team to focus on our tasks without constant interruption that comes from a public location. 

 Our facility is located on my Family's property, where I grew up working in our oldest shop space (still in operation!) as a child on old VWs. This old shop was established in 1990 as Raby's VW Restorations, which soon lead to a specialty in engines specifically in 1998 as Raby's Aircooled Technology, specializing in Porsche & VW aircooled performance engines. As Aircooled Technology grew Raby Enterprises Inc. was established, from that other specialty divisions were conceived, among those was Flat Six Innovations. (read more on our history elsewhere on this site)  

Our facility is located in a somewhat secluded area, but near enough to Atlanta and other surrounding metropolitan areas that we are easily accessible for those who wish to visit for a tour or drop off/ pick up their Porsche. Our location is just miles from some of the best driving roads in the country, including the Tail of the Dragon, Blood Mountain and Richard Russell Scenic Highway. The Alpine Village of Helen Georgia is a great destination for those who favor German food and Beer and it's only 5 miles from our shop! Wives and Children will appreciate Babyland General Hospital, the birthplace of the "Cabbage Patch Kids" which is just across the street from our facility.

Upon arrival to our facility you'll not see huge signs or billboards, in fact you'll never even know that you have arrived until you see an old VW or Porsche sitting in our parking lot. You'll make a turn onto our private (unmarked entrance adjacent to Raby Drive) and you will find a small paved drive  that meanders up the side of Raby Mountain past our fish pond. This property is where my ancestors made Moonshine and raised poultry from the turn of the 20th Century through the 1970s. Most of the remnants of those days gone by are no longer present here, but they are part of a history that we are very proud of. 

Here you may run across Deer, Squirrel, Rabbits and other wildlife; but you or your Porsche will never be treated with anything less than the best in old fashioned professionalism and respect. Our secluded location and somewhat mysterious ways of performing mechanical miracles leaves many wondering just exactly what kind of magic happens atop Raby Mountain. You won't find our facility a general or basic repair shop as we have in house performance labs, machining, fabrication as well as our own in house parts supply division.

Should you wish to visit our facility, feel free to set up an appointment by emailing us or calling and we'll be happy to accommodate your visit. We can provide private lodging within a few miles of the facility, or recommend a nearby Hotel.

WE REQUIRE ONE WEEK OF ADVANCED NOTICE PRIOR TO ANY VISIT TO OUR FACILITY. We work modified hours creating priceless fixes for complex problems and that does reuire total focus.

 Flat Six Innovations 

A division of Raby Enterprises Inc.

47 Raby Drive

Cleveland GA, 30528