assembly - 2nd assembly page



Now for a shot of the center saddle with an end play shim held in place. These shims are used to set Crankshaft "end float" or "end Play" which is basically the fore/aft movement that is built in to the dynamic assembly. These shims wear and are replaced as part of our update process with units that have been Cryogenically enhanced for longer life. Note the oil slots in the outboard facing portion of the shim, this is critical to the life of the shim and crankshaft. If these are inslled backward, issues will occur!




Here I have set the static "end play" of the crankshaft with both my new end play shims installed into one half of the crank carrier. This is rechecked after the entire carrier is installed and torqued, ours only changed 1/2 of one thousandth of an inch, resulting in our target end play of .0045 being attained perfectly.




Marrying the two halves of the crankshaft carrier together...




Experience has taught me to assemble engines by feel... Here I am rotating the assembly as I tap the carrier housings together by hand.




Torquing the crankshaft carrier bolts to our updated specs...




"Feeling" the assembly to note tight spots or something that triggers my sense of danger. This assembly was so smooth it felt like warm butter was used for assembly lubricant! Perfect!




LN's R&R Pro Connecting Rod with it's matching PC3 coated rod bearing inserts and ARP 2000 Custom Aged rod bolts.



JE (FSR) forged side relief pistons designed by LN Engineering with their matching, weight balanced wrist pins.



LN connecting rod and piston assembly ready for piston rings and introduction into the 1-3 cylinder bank.




This view illustrates the Anti-Scuff coatings applied to the piston skirt.