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The trio of connecting rods, rod bearings & caps, and pistons ready for insertion into their respective positions in the LN Engineering "Nickies" big-bore prepared crankcase.




Custom low tension Piston ring package after being checked for ring end gap and fit into the pistons. These have to be cleaned rigorously to remove all impurities left over from the manufacturing processes. Cleanliness and sterility is key when woring with tolerances this tight within any engine! All engine parts are cleaned meticulously several times during the assembly process leading up to final assembly.




This crankcase began life with an 85.5mm bore size, as a 2.5 liter engine. Here you see the 3.5mm oversize accomplished with LN Engineering "Nickies" cylinders. Nickies is short for Nikasil, a process that utilizes Nickel, Silicon and Carbide to create a super hard, wear resistant plating that allows for lower friction and lower oil temps. Nikisil was employed by Porsche in the aircooled 911, but wasn't applied to the M96 from the factory. (Damn German Accountants!) LN Engineering uses a process called NSC with similar wear and performance to Nikasil (a trademark of Mahle) that has been proven in their complete series of Nickies aircooled cylinders for Porsches.

These LN Engineering "Nickies" cylinders are what open the doors for us to increase longevity, increase reliability and do so with additional performance without worry of overheating or cylinder failures even at increased displacement or output.




Here I am installing one of the piston and rod assemblies into the crankcase...




A view from the opposite side while I install Piston #2...




Position #1 has it's piston and rod assembly installed along with the rod bearing insert and is pushed to the top of the bore in anticipation of the crankshaft carrier assembly being dropped into the crankcase...




Positions 1-3 with their Pistons situated at the top of the bore. Dropping the carrier assembly in comes next...



Carier assembly with IMS drive chain, tensioner paddle and the connecting rods for cylinders 4-6 installed and torqued.


IMS drive chain and IMS are coupled to the crankshaft to complete the assembly thats known as the "carrier combo". These will be ready to drop into the crankcase half shortly. Note the Upgraded LN Engineering IMS assembly. This was an earlier four bearing design with conventional roller ball bearings only compatible with what were originally dual-row bearing intermediate shafts. More recent versions from LN use a revised three bearing design with hybrid ceramic bearings and can be used to upgrade either single or double row intermediate shafts.