assembly - 6th assembly page






Custom MLS head gasket shim used for adjusting and fine tuning of compression ratio with our larger bores and added stroke. We chose not to install these in this engine ecause we wanted an insanely high CR and very tight deck for this test engine, to push the limits. We believe in R&D - "Risk and Development".



Modified OE head gaskets opened up to accept the larger bore.




Partially assembled 2.9 engine with cylinder head 1-3 in place and ready for final torque... Note my improper tool usage with the Pliers being used to hold the timing chains. These timing chains are a PITA during assembly and you'll do whats necessary to keep them out of the way and free from binding during assembly. I'm sure there are lots of fancy and expensive tools from Porsche to help with this and other aspects, but as you can see, you don't need them.




Cylinder head after torquing with the lifter carrier in place and torqued, awaiting cam follower insertion.




Note the sealant under the head bolt... We made judicious use of many sealants throughout the engine, drawing from experience of building hundreds and hundreds of engines in the last decade alone.




Cam timing tools in place, camshaft drive and vario cam timing chains are in place and cam timing being set with the torquing of the 4 fasteners on the exhaust cam drive. Though this engine utilized stock camshafts they were reground and coated with PC11 to ensure optimal break-in with new followers. We also have adjusted the cam timing to make better use of the added 400ccs of displacement.




The *mostly complete* M96 2.9 Big Bore Flat Six Engine is now ready for the sump to be buttoned up.




Note the pickup tube spacer. This corrects the depth of the pickup with a deep sump and is included with LN Engineering's deep sump kit.