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PC11 Coated Oil Pump gears await a dose of Vaseline to aid with oil system priming on initial start up, then they'll be covered by the oil pump cover after a new O ring is installed at the pump cover housing.



The Completed Flat 6 Innovations 2.9 Liter Big Bore Engine! (bottom view) Note the deep sump, spin-on oil filter adapter, and billet magnetic oil drain plug provided by LN Engineering.

Although not shown, now we'll add the ancillary components and subsystems and install the unit into the test car. We're sure you've seen this part already.

 The below graphs show the before and after performance of our 2.5 to 2.9 engine.




  Before and after. Rear wheel horsepower shown on a '99 Boxster Tiptronic. We apologize for the poor resolution of the graphs, as it is notoriously difficult to dyno a tiptronic as the transmission locks out the manual mode as soon as the front wheels aren't spinning!




 Peak RWHP is up over 40HP and almost 50 Lb/ft of torque over the stock 2.5 Tip figures.

If this engine was in a manual car, we would expect approximately 12% additional RWHP based off our own dyno testing of a Tiptronic versus a manual gearbox.












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