All "stock" and "Stage I" performance engines reconstructed by Flat Six Innovations come with a one year unlimited mileage Warranty. Our Warranty is simple and straight forward and can be reviewed prior to the purchase of your Flat Six Engine at the time we create the Proposal that will detail your engine project. Basically all internally lubricated components within the engine are warranteed for exactly one year (not a day longer!) after the date of shipping from our facility with only the following conditions being required:

-The engine must utilize our DT40 series of engine oils and have documented services carried out at the points we dictate. Used oil analysis samples are required to be provided to us within 30 days of these services being carried out.

-The engine must not see any track service during the warranty period; this is to avoid driver error that could lead to a nasty situation. We consider "track service" any activity that is not carried out on a public street, to include DE, AX, time trials or anything other than normal street driving. The warranty is over at the exact moment that the first tire contacts the surface of a non-public street.

All "Track-Prepped Hi-Performance" Stage II, Stage III, Turbocharged and Competition engines are sold without warranty; express or implied. The owners of these engines will be required to agree to warranty disclaimers accepting this condition during the proposal stage of the engine purchase, and again at the time the engine is delivered. The maximum amount of time these engines are warranted is limited to their testing periods while under the care and control of our specialized staff here at Flat 6 Innovations. The track breeds failures and anything can happen, if you agree to play on the track, you must assume the fact that you may only bring home your health and a steering wheel at the end of the day. If you cannot accept this; please refrain from track based activities. 

 Please contact us via Email or by phone to learn more about our Warranty. Remember- Unicorns and rainbows are as easy to draw on a piece of paper as a warranty, but are just open ended promises of happiness, like most warranty documents.

Here we are direct and our goal is to create the best engine possible that doesn't require a warranty. We treat others as we would like to be treated in any warranty type of situation. Our reputation of excellence has been gained through effectiveness, not fancy words on a piece of paper that leaves you with a false sense of security.

Note: Engine repairs following any failure are not warranteed in part or whole; collateral damages can be unknown and can lead to future failures that cannot be conclusively be deetermined.

If the direct, old fashioned way we state these facts to you isn't something that you appreciate, our program might not be for you~

Jake Raby

President, Raby Enterprises Inc.

Read this unsolicited recommendation (pdf)