M96/M97 Failure Prevention Packages

Flat 6 Innovations Failure Prevention Packages
We invented the special tools, developed the failure prevention components and we apply them better than anyone else. 

To receive a PDF of the failure prevention packages available for your year and model of Porsche, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your year, model and location. We will reply with specific costs (all prices are standardized and not variable) for the 4 stages of failure prevention that we offer.

 At Flat 6 Innovations, we not only develop and produce upgraded M96 engines, but we also provide Specialized Failure Prevention packages that are designed to overt the most common failures that can lead to total and complete engine loss. Our Staff is comprised of Employees with several different areas of specialty, including those who only carry out our 4 stages of failure prevention. 

 If your Porsche needs service or repair, you don't have to buy one of our new engines to take advantage of our specialized service for your Porsche.If you own a 97-2008 Porsche Boxster, Cayman or 911 model, you need some level of failure prevention.  Trust that our team can accomplish this with even more detail than that found at your Porsche Dealership. This is because we understand your Porsche's engine at a much different level and have a different outlook on it's performance and application than you'll ever find at the dealership level. As Researchers and Developers as well as creators of our own engine program to solve the problems with these engines we understand these engines- period.

If your Porsche engine needs repair, we'll do the job comprehensively and right the first time. We'll not only repair the problems, but we'll pay close attention to the rest of your vehicle at the same time. This attention to detail is what saves tow bills and hassles for our clients later. Our team isn't comprised of "parts changers", we are all innovators, developers and we proudly think outside the box.

No matter where you may be located, we can ship your Porsche to our facility easily! As shipping brokers we find you the best prices and the best, most reliable shippers.

Best of all, you can trust that your Porsche is being serviced at the facility where all the development for failure prevention began for the M96. Our team pioneered M96 engine manipulation, take advantage of going to the source for the failure prevention for your engine.

Jake Raby

President, Raby Enterprises Inc