Post-failure Directives



DO NOT ALLOW YOUR VEHICLE TO BE DISASSEMBLED UNTIL YOU CONSULT WITH OUR TEAM! Call the Flat 6 Innovations Engine Failure Hotline at 706.219.4874 extension 635 to speak to the on duty Failure Specialist!

Many local shops cannot carry out a proper repair to your engine as they have not taken the time to learn about it. If the engine is removed and the vehicle is to be shipped to our facility you will experience transportation complications and the costs of our procedures will be elevated by hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

If your engine is disassembled and the "other shop" cannot carry out the repair you will be stuck in a very bad and expensive situation. Avoid this by consulting with us immediately and before ANY evaluations or disassembly is carried out by local shops.

Your local shop may be filled with great people who really want to help you, but they simply do not know enough about the M96 engine to carry out the repairs properly. There are also instances where the local shop is dying for business and will do anything to leverage you into doing business with them. Whats the easiest way to gain this leverage? To remove the engine from your car, or ultimately take it apart.

We have seen a upward trend related to shops leveraging these repairs and then when the vehicle is to be shipped to us (after the engine has been pulled) the shop charges ridiculous labor rates just to remove the engine. An recent example was a local shop charging 3,000.00 to remove an engine and pop off a cam cover.


There are occasions where we will not accept a vehicle if it is disassembled prior to being shipped to our facility. This stems from "other shops" losing parts to the vehicle, or breaking things that could be blamed on our program at a later date. We evaluate these situations on a case by case basis, so please call us for a consultation.

If you have experienced an engine failure, call us. Do it FIRST, not last!