Camshaft Regrinding & Performance

Stock camshaft regrinding:

Do you have a damaged camshaft? Are your camshafts worn? Contact us for details concerning how we can restore your stock camshafts to "better than new" condition for a fraction of the cost of factory new replacements.

Performance Camshafts:

Flat 6 Innovations designs camshaft profiles in-house as well as carries out studies to continually develop our profiles to best match the application for the engine. With digital camshaft profiling capabilities in our performance lab, its very easy to see the effects from our design work in the output of the engine as well as the RPM range of the engine.

As part of our turn-key performance engine packages we offer stock and hi-performance camshaft profiles. Each Flat 6 Innovations camshaft profile has been developed in house from start to finish to avoid compromises that other camshaft grinders and developers do not consider as they do not create complete engines on a routine basis using their profiles. Here we know exactly how each of our camshaft profiles will effect the performance and drivability of your Porsche because we have developed each of these in our own Porsches and have even used them to set Land Speed Records.

Our performance camshafts are not available individually; and are only included in our Stage III performance engines.

For more information email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.