IMS Solution Retrofits - The Flat 6 IMS Retrofit- Warranty Information


Warranty. In the real world no piece of paper will keep any mechanical device from failing. Many companies choose to give the purchaser a false sense of security by making that warm and fuzzy feeling go as deeply as possible with an extravagant warranty. Here we understand the reality of the real world and know that there are twenty other modes of failure that can also impact your engine, therefore we choose not to offer a warranty for these procedures. There are others who will risk life and limb to gain your work by giving you the warranty that you are looking for to further justify your expenditure, but we will not. People all over the country (and world) look to us for our specialized services and thats because we are effective. We are effective because our efforts are centered more around application than sales and extensive paperwork with things like limited written warranties that are generally worthless. A warranty is often times just a gamble that the provider is taking to make a sale and we don't do business in that manner. The purpose of our extensive pre and post evaluations as well as dynamometer testing is to find issues before your vehicle leaves our care and control, issues that we WILL take care of before you receive your vehicle back from our facility. I am confident that if I can't break the retrofitted vehicle in my controlled setting, that you will also not be able to break our work. We only offer warranties on full engine updates with ALL modes of failure identified and addressed, otherwise we can't assume responsibility for the rest of the engine that Porsche built for your car. I warranty the things that I assemble 100% start to finish with my own hands, from scratch, but not otherwise. We hate to be so direct with these statements, but we are realists and this is simply reality. 

The IMS Retrofit procedure is considered "Experimental", it always has been and always will be, because it is not recognized by Porsche at all. Upon completion of your vehicle we'll have you sign an waiver stating that you understand the risks associated with this experimental procedure and are willing to assume them 100%, not holding my company responsible for your engine in any way, shape or form.  

We make sure that all applicants for the IMS Solution understand this up-front and agree to these terms prior to accepting the work.

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