IMS Solution Retrofits - The Flat 6 IMS Bearing Retrofit in Detail

What does the Flat 6 Innovations IMS Solutio Retrofit procedure consist of? 

Using a series of procedures developed by Flat 6 Innovations our team extracts the IMS bearing from your engine and replaces it with the IMS Solution. 

This consists of a three part exercise, consisting of a pre-inspection, retrofit procedure, and post-evaluation

Before the work is carried out an extensive inspection is carried out to ensure that the engine that is to be retrofitted is worthy of the procedure. Our pre-inspection gathers the vital signs of your engine, much like an annual trip to your Doctor for a physical. The pre-inspection consists of the following actions: 

Invasive Inspection. We remove the engine's oil sump plate, and begin a journey into the soul of the engine. Here we look for Demons that may lurk within the confines of the engine's internals. These can be big trouble later on, so its important that we identify them now, and that we find them, before they find you.

Stethoscope Inspection. Engines have certain sounds that are good and bad. Here we work with the M96 engine at a level where our ears are trained in the sounds that may tell us a lot about your engine and what is worn or requiring action. A simple stethoscope placed on several critical areas of the engine is all thats necessary for us to identify noisy lifters, bad timing chain tensioners, worn rod bearings or an IMS bearing that is experiencing a failure. The stethoscope inspection is the first portion of the pre-evaluation as we want to ensure the engine isn't going to experience a failure while being stress tested on our chassis dynamometer.

ECU Interrogation. Lots can be learned from pulling diagnostics from your Porsche's ECU, to include camshaft timing deviations, rough running values, amount of engine over-revs and their ranges as well as current fault codes that may or may not illuminate check engine lights. A quick look at the ECU is a portion of the pre-evaluation.

Dynamometer Evaluation. (optional!) The dynamometer evaluation is a stress test for your engine, conducted in a controlled environment. The dynamometer not only provides power output measurement but also gives us critical information as to the condition of your engine before any work is completed. The whole point of this is to identify issues before the the IMS Retrofit procedure is carried out, this could be anything from low output, mechanical noises, and etc that could lead to issues down the road. There are instances where engines are evaluated and found to be too worn to experience benefits of the IMS retrofit. Trust that we want to ensure your engine lives a long life after our procedure, so we will only apply the procedure if your engine is deemed worthy, else we cannot risk our reputation or the reputation of the IMS retrofit procedure. 

Note: Engines that our team may feel are in danger of imminent IMSB failure will have the dynamometer evaluation omitted to avoid possible IMS Bearing failure during the evaluation. We reserve the right to omit this portion of the procedure for any engine at any time.

Oil system evaluation. As part of the pre-inspection we take the time to inspect the engine's oil system for debris. This begins with a simple oil drain, followed by an extensive inspection of the engine's oil filter and finally the removal of the engine's oil sump plate. Taking the time to inspect these critical areas will give us an idea of the wear that your engine has seen and might lead us to other areas that need to be addressed along with the IMS retrofit procedure. Most every issue the M96 engine has will lead to some debris that can be found in the oil filter or oil sump, as it is our goal to find these and identify the debris before our retrofit is carried out.

If your Porsche fails our pre-inspection process and we do not carry out the IMS retrofit procedure you will only be responsible for the costs related to the pre-inspection. This is usually limited to a few hundred dollars, agreed to up front, as your "deposit" for the work to be scheduled and carried out. At this time we can provide the necessary information to help you understand what choices you have for repairing your Porsche. We may or may not wish to provide corrective action at our facility, based on the risks involved, and other unknown, case by case variables that may exist. Today, as the cars age and time in service becomes longed and longer, approximately 25% of all vehicles we inspect do not pass the initial pre- evaluation, and require repair before the retrofit can take place. Of these 25%, 10% are not possible to repair without full teardown, and therefore are not eligible for our IMS Retrofit procedures. The general course of action is repairing the faults and then carrying out the IMS retrofit as normal.

After your Porsche has passed our pre-inspection, the retrofit procedure can be executed. 

The following procedure pertain to normal, preventive IMS bearing retrofits. These things will differ should your engine come to us with a failed or failing IMS bearing which will always cost more, take longer and be more risky, extensive and not guaranteed to save your engine. 

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