IMS Solution Retrofits - The Flat 6 IMS Bearing Retrofit- Procedure Completion


Refill the oiling system. As the final step before the vehicle is prepared for post-evaluation the engine is filled with your choice of either a Porsche approved lubricant or our own formulation of Joe Gibbs DT40 co-developed with LN Engineering and Joe Gibbs Racing especially for the M96 engine(standard costs include an allowance of 100.00 for engine oil, more expensive oils will lead to cost increases for the procedure). At this time if the owner chooses we may outfit the vehicle with the LN Engineering Magnetic Drain Plug. If the engine has seen a partial or complete IMS failure a subsequent oil and filter change will be necessary to act as a flush, after the post evaluation is carried out. A magnetic drain plug is required in these situations to gather remaining debris.

Post-Evaluation. Now that your Porsche's IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure and any associated repairs is now complete, it is ready for the post-evaluation. The engine is started and brought up to operating temperature while we interrogate the ECU to verify camshaft timing.  Finally, your vehicle is put through an over-the-road test where our team will  drive your vehicle a minimum of 37 miles to ensure there are no oil leaks or areas of concern that you need to be aware of. This may add several days or even a week to the time for us to complete the repair, but we would rather find a problem while your vehicle is under our care and be able to rectify it then and there rather than have a customer have a problem after it has been shipped or picked up and is no longer in our care. If you choose for us not to drive your car, you have that choice, but know that the price of the procedure won't be at any reduced rate.

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