IMS Solution Retrofits - The Flat 6 IMS Retrofit Difference.


What is the Flat 6 difference? 

As you have already figured, we're not your typical repair facility. We don't do brake jobs or replace trim pieces. Our one and only concern is the heart of your Porsche - its engine- and we do it better than anyone else. The same facility where this work will take place is where we have developed and tested them as well as where we build engines and perform continuing research and development to improve your Porsche and driving experience with added reliability and longevity. When people ask why we charge more, the answer is simple, it's because we do the most, and because of that we offer value.

It's also because we're the most experienced and most knowledgeable. The other guys charge less because they are doing less. When the other guys hit a problem, who do they call? They call us! If we have a problem, we just overcome it. Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering worked together to develop the components and procedures to replace the IMS bearing, this is why our procedure sets the gold standard by which all other retrofits are compared. Your car is here for one reason alone - you chose the best - and you will not be disappointed! 

The very first dual row IMS Bearing was retrofitted here at the Flat 6 Innovations Cleveland Georgia location; that engine is still providing exceptional performance today. Shouldn't your retrofit procedure be carried out in the same facility? After all its right where the IMS Solution was invented and where it was developed 100% in house. In fact, it is our team that "Certifies" the other IMS Solution Certified Installers who sparsely populate North America

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