Intermediate Shaft Retro-fit Service - When Should I change my IMS Bearing?


When should I change the IMS bearing in my engine? 

The answer to this question is simple, the bearing should be retrofitted as soon as possible and the lower the mileage your vehicle has the more you should be concerned! Some people say that we are using scare-tactics to sell our services, but thats just not the case as the failures are real and a simple google search will substantiate this. We are in the business of selling upgraded engines, usually because the original engines have failed, so one would believe that we'd rather have your engine fail so we could sell you a new one, rather than outfitting the current engine properly now to avoid failure. Think about that.

When we say the bearing should be changed now this isn't being over stated, its just reality as one split second can separate you from being a happy Porsche owner to being a disgruntled Porsche owner that wants to sell your car to the local salvage yard for 10.00/hundred pounds or the current rate for scrap iron. Trust me, we hear the stories, hear the cries and deal with those who need a new engine that costs more than what their car is worth several times a day. These people have ended up a statistic and generally because they had no idea that their car was at risk for catastrophic IMS bearing failure. The fact that you are now on this site, reading about this failure means that you have been warned and no longer will be blissfully ignorant. IMS bearing failures can happen to anyone at any time, we have received phone calls from even model year 2008 owners. 

Here is a perfect example of a situation where a Porsche owner didn't believe that he needed to take swift action to update his IMS/ engine because he didn't want to do without the car during the spring driving season. His engine failed while he was awaiting a trip to the Flat 6 Innovations facility for one of our courses of action. This owner had put off a scheduled appointment to get more time with his car in the spring and while he was waiting the worst case scenario unfolded, but he got lucky because Porsche good-willed him a new engine, otherwise his decision not to take immediate action would have cost him more than 15,000 bucks! Follow the link here to read more about this in his own words and understand that this can happen to you, just like it did to him and others.
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