Intermediate Shaft Retro-fit Service - How Do I schedule My IMS Retrofit Procedure?

 How Do I Schedule My Flat 6 Innovations IMS Solution Retrofit Procedure?

 By this time I am sure that you are convinced that the IMS Bearing in your Porsche M96 engine should be replaced. If you aren't then do some further google searches on "Porsche IMS Bearing Failure" and keep reading, you will see that the problem is real and happening every day to people who don't even know that the engine is equipped with an IMS Bearing. 

NOTE: Our current wait times for all IMS Solution preventative procedures is at least 4 months

At this point you'll need to contact my team to schedule our specialized IMS Retrofit Procedure to be applied to your Porsche. This can be done via telephone or email at the phone number and email addresses listed below:

Raby Enterprises Inc.

Flat 6 Innovations Division

47 Raby Drive, Cleveland GA 30528 

Email-  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone- 706.219.4874 Ext 627

After the initial phone contact we will forward you some simple paperwork so we can set you up an account in our system. We will also require a 750.00 non-refundable binder to be placed to hold your specific slot in our very busy schedule. Jud Fink, our General Manager will assist you with everything else from this point forward to include arranging for your vehicle's shipping to our facility. Jud will also assist those who wish to drive their Porsche to our facility for the service with scheduling local lodging in our very beautiful corner of the North Georgia Mountains. If you would like, Jud can set you up with a pre-procedure phone consultation with me, Jake Raby prior to scheduling, please note that I am not available by phone generally should you call without an appointment.

Read more on the contact us pages as well as "our location". You will be sent a map to our facility prior to your arrival as well as a pass code for our gated entrance so you can enter our compound easily at the scheduled time. We believe in security here and much of what we do is carried out in a manner thats the automotive equivalent to "skunk works" :-)

Note: We require appointments for all procedures to be carried out, our facility is not a general walk -in repair shop, we carry out extensive procedures and are generally closed to the general public except during our "open house" type events. We do not have a customer lounge or waiting area, so once we give you a tour of our facility we'll need you to clear our work areas and go into town to enjoy yourself while we begin your IMS Retrofit Procedure.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that you now understand what the Flat 6 IMS Solution Retrofit procedure is all about, what we do and why our charges are more than the other shops who simply replace your IMS Bearing. Here we ensure your engine is worthy of the procedure, then we carry out the procedure as thoroughly as possible and test our work at a level that most other facilities simply do not have the capability to do. That is the "Flat 6 Difference" and the reason why we invented, and Patented "The Substitute", The IMS Solution. US Patent 8,992,089 B2. 

Jake Raby
President, Raby Enterprises Inc. 
IMS Solution Inventor
US Patent 8,992,089 B2