Intermediate Shaft Retro-fit Service - The Flat 6 IMS Bearing Retrofit- Disassembly


Disassembly. Before the IMS bearing can be extracted we must first gain access to the heart of your Porsche's drivetrain. To do this the transaxle is removed much like a standard clutch replacement procedure. With the transaxle removed the next component to be removed is the flywheel and clutch assembly, or on tiptronic cars the flex plate will be removed. As we remove these components each is visually inspected for wear and problems that may exist are noted by our technicians, these things will be brought to the owner's attention immediately to properly plan for corrective action. With the drivetrain and clutch assemblies removed we will gain access to the IMS bearing flange of your Porsche where our next stage of the process will begin.

Preparation for IMS Bearing Extraction. At this stage we can't simply extract your IMS bearing! We must verify that your engine has proper camshaft timing so that timing can be maintained throughout the IMS extraction and re-insertion procedures, this is VERY CRITICAL! If the engine saw deviations during the ECU portion of the pre-inspection or if the engine had low power on the dyno the cam timing is at great suspect for being improper and will need to be reset prior to the extraction of the IMS bearing, so the cam lock tools can be installed. Before IMS bearing extraction occurs all other corrective actions, like problematic lifters and worn vario-cam components will be addressed.

 IMS Bearing ExtractionOnce the cams have been locked and crankshaft parked at TDC, the chain tensioners are removed. At this point the IMS bearing flange is removed for access to the IMS bearing which can then be extracted. The extraction procedure uses special tools developed by Flat 6 Innovations to pull the IMS bearing from the IMS body. If at this time problems are encountered, such as a bearing that is in the middle of a failure mode we have additional tools and techniques developed to effectively handle those situations. When complications occur during this procedure you want your Porsche to be in our hands and no one else's- period.

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