Intermediate Shaft Retro-fit Service - The Flat 6 IMS Bearing Retrofit- Reassembly

Preparation for bearing insertion. With the original equipment IMS bearing removed from your engine we can now focus on outfitting your Porsche with the IMS Solution retrofit bearing. Before the new bearing is inserted we carry out more inspections of the associated components that can now be accessed with the IMS flange and bearing removed. We use a borescope to check for IMS tensioner paddle wear, we inspect the bore of the IMS body and we do a visual inspection of the IMS drive chain also with the borescope. These are all areas of concern that need to be inspected while we have access to them. Lastly we inspect the OEM Porsche IMS bearing that was extracted from your engine for signs of fretting on the outer diameter of the bearing which then might require loctite bearing mount to properly install your new bearing, if the housing bore is worn or damaged. Additionally, if the bearing has expelled any f.o.d. (foreign object debris), we will have to take additional steps to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed before the IMS retrofit is completed and additional action that might be required after the installation is complete. We have developed other products with LN Engineering like magnetic drain plugs and full flow filters (without pressure bypasses) to allow collection of these contaminants when procedures are carried out in less than ideal situations, like when a bearing has started to fail or has failed.

 IMS Bearing Insertion. 

With extraction and more inspections behind us we can now install the IMS Solution bearing to your Porsche's engine and properly outfit it for many more miles of trouble-free service. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that a much better IMS bearing has been applied to your engine and you'll think about that while you are driving the car too. The installation of the new bearing isn't the difficult part, in fact at this stage we are already on the home stretch of the procedure. With the camshafts still in a locked position and the crankshaft pinned at TDC, the new bearing is inserted into the IMS body and secured with a snap ring. Next, the billet chromoly steel bearing flange is sealed and torqued to specification. At this point the IMS bearing retrofit procedure is completed and reassembly can commence.

Reassembly. At this point we inspect chain tensioners for wear and either clean your existing units, or replace with newer updated Porsche items. This is done on a case by case basis as we also do with lifters, new tensioners add cost while generally cleaning the tensioners is adequate for successful future operation. The tensioners are reassembled and the camshaft timing tools are removed from the cams along with the locking pin that has been holding the crankshaft at TDC during the procedure. 

RMS (Rear Main Seal). While we have access to the Rear Main Seal area of your Porsche we take the opportunity to address the oil leak issues that plague most M96 engines at some point during their lives. Over time Porsche has developed better and better Rear Main Seals and RMS installation tools to properly fit these seals to the M96 engine to solve leakage issues. It would not be wise to have access to this area without taking the opportunity to apply the latest Porsche updated Rear Main Seal and use the latest Porsche special tool to install it. Each Flat 6 Innovations IMS Retrofit procedure includes the newest Porsche RMS, installed with the Porsche tool for the job. We will not reassemble your vehicle without updating this seal to the latest and greatest offering! This is part of the process and we do not charge extra for it, as others do!

New Clutch Assembly. (OPTIONAL! NOT INCLUDED IN BASE COSTS!) As we work to reassemble your drivetrain we'll outfit your Porsche with a new clutch assembly to include the clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing. We will do this as standard procedure even if your car is low mileage! This is done because we want to ensure that no action is required after our procedure is carried out for many thousands of miles and because the clutches in modern Porsches are not known for extended service life. It is quite normal for the clutch assembly in any Boxster or 996 to be compromised to near the failure point at only 40,000 miles of service. As an owner you want to avoid clutch failure with an M96 powered Porsche as this guarantees the necessity for a new flywheel, which costs 1,200.00 in most cases and is not part of our standard costs associated with the IMS retrofit service. If your dual mass flywheel is found to be faulty it must be replaced and that must be done now while the labor to do so is included with the procedure. Never, under any circumstance will we substitute a lighter single mass flywheel onto your engine, please do not request it. Want reasons for this? See this page: BOOM! The tale of the two piece Crankshaft

In some instances Porsches that have had a recent clutch replacement may see reduced procedure costs if we choose to re-use the clutch assembly. This is something that we determine after an inspection of the recently replaced components and the choice as to re-use is ours completely as we are responsible for keeping your retrofitted Porsche trouble free for as long as possible. Don't think that just because the clutch was recently replaced that it can be reused, it may not have been of proper quality or could be wearing excessively, even at low mileage. 

If your Porsche is equipped with a tiptronic transaxle you have no clutch. In this scenario we replace the torque converter seal and re-fit the flexplate as factory. Some tiptronic 996 vehicles can experience higher than normal costs due to the manufacturer of the transaxle and the fact that the engine and transaxle must be removed to facilitate all the procedures we have outlined thus far. If you have a tiptronic Porsche, you must call us for an accurate quote based on your vehicle and it's equipment. The costs outlined in this article do not pertain to tiptronic vehicles.

Drivetrain Reassembly. With the clutch assembly replaced the remainder of the drivetrain is reassembled. We do not replace any drivetrain components as part of the standard price for our service, but we do inspect CV joint assemblies and other components to ensure they are serviceable. We will recommend replacement if necessary and give you the option of us carrying out this work for you during reassembly.

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