Intermediate Shaft Retro-fit Service - The Flat 6 IMS Bearing Retrofit-How long does it take


How long does the IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure take?

Once you have decided that you want to have the IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure done to your Porsche, you'll first call Flat 6 and speak to Jud. He'll go over the whole process with you, costs, and scheduling. Once we have scheduled your repair, you have two options.

If you plan on bringing your car to us and have Flat 6 perform the procedure as a "Waiter", you'll need to plan to be in the area for a minimum of four days. The first day is to do the pre-eval and disassembly, day two to carry out the procedure and reassembly, day three for post-eval and test drive, and day four to account for Murphy's law. We're located in a very scenic area with the City of Helen, GA, just a short drive away, which is well known for German cuisine and culture. We're also miles away from the famed "Tail of the Dragon" as well as "Blood Mountain" on US 129, so you'll experience some of the best roads in the country to give your Porsche the workout it deserves. We discourage this method of retrofit procedure as we'd rather be given as much time as possible to carry out the procedure and not have to worry about the possibilities of having your engine fail pre-evaluation and leave you stranded. Not all engines pass our pre-evaluation.

However, most choose to ship their cars to us from as far as California and even Canada. We'll help make shipping arrangements simple and easy for you as we do this routinely, as we have very few local customers. We became shipping brokers in 2008 to facilitate the shipping of vehicles across the USA and we can ensure that we find a qualified transport company with a positive rating to move your Porsche.

We'll work with you to make your IMS  Solution Retrofit experience as trouble free and simple as possible. Whether your car is driven in or shipped to our facility, you'll receive the same world class respect, honesty and courtesy that has helped set our parent company apart from all others over the course of the past 24 years.

Please see page 12 of this article for further information pertaining to scheduling your IMS Retrofit Procedure with Flat 6 Innovations. 

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