Intermediate Shaft Retro-fit Service - How Much Does The Flat 6 IMS Retrofit Cost?


How much does the FLAT 6 INNOVATIONS IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure cost? 

Pricing varies depending on model, year, and equipment such as manual/tiptronic or C2/C4. You will not find another company to carry out this work with a fixed rate, all others will do the work by the hour, meaning you will not know exactly what the procedure will end up costing. With our methods the end costs are known up front and that makes it easier to budget for the procedure. We can do this work with fixed rates because we know what we are up against, and know how long the work will take and what components and incidentals that will be required right down to nuts, bolts and lubricant.

The following costs are for PREVENTIVE MEASURES not instances where IMS bearings are in a failure mode or have completely failed. These "above and beyond" repairs always costs more and can't have up front stated charges. If you have a failed or failing IMS bearing we MUST see and evaluate your engine before any costs can be even roughly estimated, no exceptions. 

Manual C2 996 or Boxster or Boxster S, 5 or 6 speed - $4,900.00

Manual C4 996 - $5,200.00

All Tiptronic models - $CALL. To give you a rough estimate, a Boxster Tiptronic will run approximately $500.00 more than manual vehicles. Tiptronic procedures are more complicated and take longer to complete, hence the added costs. In most cases the Tiptronic retrofits require the entire engine and transaxle to be dropped from the vehicle to facilitate IMS Retrofit. Due to this aded costs are incurred with labor, as well as coolant and other necessary supplies for engine extraction, and installation.

Here is an itemized breakdown of what you are getting for the FLAT 6 INNOVATIONS IMS Solution procedure for a manual C2 or C4 996 or any Boxster or Boxster S:

-  IMS Solution retrofit kit 

100.00 allowance for your choice of lubricant and filter (If you use an exotic oil, you can supply it or pay the difference between the 100.00 allowance and the cost of your choice of oil)

- Specialty Labor to complete pre-inspection, disassembly, bearing procedure, reassembly and post inspection to include extensive test drive, a value of 2,135.00

-Dynamometer evaluations are carried out as an optional service, inquire for details

Vehicles that are shipped to and from our facility are free of Georgia state sales tax on the parts used. If you travel to our facility for the procedure to be done you can expect Georgia sales tax on the components to be applied. If you are a Georgia resident, sales tax also applies, and will be added to all invoices (please do not ask us to waive this!)

We can also apply upgrades to the services above applying more of the LN Engineering components for their added retail costs. This includes Lo-Temp thermostats, Magnetic Drain Plugs and etc.

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