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Utilizing the IMS Solution Invented by Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering

Story and pictures by Jake Raby 

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 I will begin this article by stating that it is not our goal to "scare" anyone into an IMS Retrofit procedure. With Porsche recently "settling" a class action lawsuit on this topic, the handwriting is on the wall in regard to the probabilities of IMS Bearing failure impacting your engine. For years people wouldn't listen to our experiences and the experiences of their peers who have endured IMS Bearing failures, but today the industry is much different. People are now taking the steps to resolve their issues before they encounter them, and if thousands of them would have thought this way previously; so many engines could have been saved.

As you read these pages you will constantly see the words "catastrophic" and "failure" and we'll be pointing out that these things can happen to your car; because they can and they do. Please do not mis-understand the main objective of this article as it is not our goal to "scare" anyone into the IMS Retrofit procedure. If you choose not to update your Porsche's IMS Bearing thats fine, just drive the vehicle and enjoy it. The words you will be reading here are firm, because the failures are real and they happen more often than most people can imagine. In short, its not our goal to scare you, but rather to provide you with very clear, easy to read and comprehend information to best inform you of the reality associated with the IMS Bearing failure.

The intermediate shaft retrofit utilizing the IMS Solution is one of Flat 6 Innovations most common procedures carried out at our Cleveland, GA location. One reason for this is because we have pioneered the internal repair of the M96 engine and have developed in some way every M96 innovation that if well-respected in the industry. Sure there have been a few companies who have folowed in our foot steps and have produced their own "fixes", unfortunately for them none have earned a reputation as solid as ours.

 The IMS Solution retrofit procedure is one that can be done on MY01 through MY05 Porsche Boxster and 911s to improve the longevity of the engine and hopefully prevent future catastrophic engine failures associated with the intermediate shaft bearing. If you have a MY06 through MY08, you can stop here. None of what is written here applies to you. Your IMS requires a complete teardown to be serviced due to its design. This also pertains if your vehicle is outfitted with a Porsche REMAN or NEW engine that was purchased after 2006 as these engines also feature non-serviceable IMS bearings.

Having invented the IMS Solution and developed the procedure, tools, and ims retrofit kit itself in conjunction with LN Engineering, there is no facility better equipped or no team as experienced to service your Porsche's IMS. Flat 6 Innovations also has experience in resurrecting engines with catastrophic IMS failures and as such, many have shipped their Porsche Boxster or 911 to us from around the United States for our specialized service. Our ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome is what separates us from the rest when it comes to a catastrophic failure of your Porsche engine. Currently I am a Worldpac Training Institute Instructor that trains a few hundred technicians all across the USA about the M(^ Porsche engine through the M96 Engine Mechanical Class, and my very own "M96 "102" Engine Assembly School". I am also currently writing the book on the M96 engines that will assist thousands of other technicians all across the World with understanding these engines.

If you have read the IMS Solution Website, you are probably already familiar with the procedure and retrofit kit itself. The website provides an excellent description of what the ims retrofit kit is, why it was developed, and how it improves upon the original IMS bearing design by eliminating 11 wear components and simplifying the design. The purpose of this page will be to explain when and why you should consider sending your Porsche to us to have the IMS retrofit procedure done by our expert staff and state of art, specially prepared facility. If you haven't read about the IMS retrofit procedure, visit

 Generally, the intermediate shaft bearing's life expectancy can be directly correlated to how a vehicle is driven and maintained. Lower mileage cars not driven hard or often enough are typically the cars that experience IMS failures. Most of these cars also do not get the oil changes as often as cars driven year round, daily. But even cars that are driven like they are stolen and have had oil changes every 3,000 miles since new can and still do experience IMS bearing failures. Every M96 engine needs an IMS bearing retrofit kit, or at least those to which this technology can be applied. 

Just because your Porsche has been exceptionally maintained will not keep it from falling prey to the IMS bearing failure, all M96 powered vehicles are susceptible to the IMS failure, even those with exceptionally low mileage, have never been tracked and etc. The IMS Bearing failure is not prejudice, it can happen without symptom when driving 55 MPH, or it can happen at 130 MPH at wide open throttle on the track. We are often asked "what year cars had the issue?" My answer is "all of them".  

Now we will go over some reasons why the Flat 6 IMS Bearing Retrofit Service, utilizing the IMS Solution is unparalleled. The procedure developed by Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering was the first of it's kind to be made commercially available to the general public in "kit" form. We have a more thorough understand of the IMS, its issues and both primary and secondary failures associated with it than anyone else in North America. This is due to our R&D coupled to our exposure to failed and failing engines in all stages of IMS Bearing failure.

Jake Raby

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When should I change the IMS bearing in my engine? 

The answer to this question is simple, the bearing should be retrofitted as soon as possible and the lower the mileage your vehicle has the more you should be concerned! Some people say that we are using scare-tactics to sell our services, but thats just not the case as the failures are real and a simple google search will substantiate this. We are in the business of selling upgraded engines, usually because the original engines have failed, so one would believe that we'd rather have your engine fail so we could sell you a new one, rather than outfitting the current engine properly now to avoid failure. Think about that.

When we say the bearing should be changed now this isn't being over stated, its just reality as one split second can separate you from being a happy Porsche owner to being a disgruntled Porsche owner that wants to sell your car to the local salvage yard for 10.00/hundred pounds or the current rate for scrap iron. Trust me, we hear the stories, hear the cries and deal with those who need a new engine that costs more than what their car is worth several times a day. These people have ended up a statistic and generally because they had no idea that their car was at risk for catastrophic IMS bearing failure. The fact that you are now on this site, reading about this failure means that you have been warned and no longer will be blissfully ignorant. IMS bearing failures can happen to anyone at any time, we have received phone calls from even model year 2008 owners. 

Here is a perfect example of a situation where a Porsche owner didn't believe that he needed to take swift action to update his IMS/ engine because he didn't want to do without the car during the spring driving season. His engine failed while he was awaiting a trip to the Flat 6 Innovations facility for one of our courses of action. This owner had put off a scheduled appointment to get more time with his car in the spring and while he was waiting the worst case scenario unfolded, but he got lucky because Porsche good-willed him a new engine, otherwise his decision not to take immediate action would have cost him more than 15,000 bucks! Follow the link here to read more about this in his own words and understand that this can happen to you, just like it did to him and others.
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What is the IMS Solution? 

The IMS Solution is a plain bearing, oil pressure fed arrangement that rivals that applied in aircooled Porsches as well as the GT2/GT3 and Turbo until model year 2013. For a better understanding of how the IMS Solution works see the videos and other information at This addresses failures caused by the factory ball bearings as well as bearing failures caused by excess mechanical and corrosive wear due to improper oil change intervals and less than favorable operating conditions (low rpm use).

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What does the Flat 6 Innovations IMS Solutio Retrofit procedure consist of? 

Using a series of procedures developed by Flat 6 Innovations our team extracts the IMS bearing from your engine and replaces it with the IMS Solution. 

This consists of a three part exercise, consisting of a pre-inspection, retrofit procedure, and post-evaluation

Before the work is carried out an extensive inspection is carried out to ensure that the engine that is to be retrofitted is worthy of the procedure. Our pre-inspection gathers the vital signs of your engine, much like an annual trip to your Doctor for a physical. The pre-inspection consists of the following actions: 

Invasive Inspection. We remove the engine's oil sump plate, and begin a journey into the soul of the engine. Here we look for Demons that may lurk within the confines of the engine's internals. These can be big trouble later on, so its important that we identify them now, and that we find them, before they find you.

Stethoscope Inspection. Engines have certain sounds that are good and bad. Here we work with the M96 engine at a level where our ears are trained in the sounds that may tell us a lot about your engine and what is worn or requiring action. A simple stethoscope placed on several critical areas of the engine is all thats necessary for us to identify noisy lifters, bad timing chain tensioners, worn rod bearings or an IMS bearing that is experiencing a failure. The stethoscope inspection is the first portion of the pre-evaluation as we want to ensure the engine isn't going to experience a failure while being stress tested on our chassis dynamometer.

ECU Interrogation. Lots can be learned from pulling diagnostics from your Porsche's ECU, to include camshaft timing deviations, rough running values, amount of engine over-revs and their ranges as well as current fault codes that may or may not illuminate check engine lights. A quick look at the ECU is a portion of the pre-evaluation.

Dynamometer Evaluation. (optional!) The dynamometer evaluation is a stress test for your engine, conducted in a controlled environment. The dynamometer not only provides power output measurement but also gives us critical information as to the condition of your engine before any work is completed. The whole point of this is to identify issues before the the IMS Retrofit procedure is carried out, this could be anything from low output, mechanical noises, and etc that could lead to issues down the road. There are instances where engines are evaluated and found to be too worn to experience benefits of the IMS retrofit. Trust that we want to ensure your engine lives a long life after our procedure, so we will only apply the procedure if your engine is deemed worthy, else we cannot risk our reputation or the reputation of the IMS retrofit procedure. 

Note: Engines that our team may feel are in danger of imminent IMSB failure will have the dynamometer evaluation omitted to avoid possible IMS Bearing failure during the evaluation. We reserve the right to omit this portion of the procedure for any engine at any time.

Oil system evaluation. As part of the pre-inspection we take the time to inspect the engine's oil system for debris. This begins with a simple oil drain, followed by an extensive inspection of the engine's oil filter and finally the removal of the engine's oil sump plate. Taking the time to inspect these critical areas will give us an idea of the wear that your engine has seen and might lead us to other areas that need to be addressed along with the IMS retrofit procedure. Most every issue the M96 engine has will lead to some debris that can be found in the oil filter or oil sump, as it is our goal to find these and identify the debris before our retrofit is carried out.

If your Porsche fails our pre-inspection process and we do not carry out the IMS retrofit procedure you will only be responsible for the costs related to the pre-inspection. This is usually limited to a few hundred dollars, agreed to up front, as your "deposit" for the work to be scheduled and carried out. At this time we can provide the necessary information to help you understand what choices you have for repairing your Porsche. We may or may not wish to provide corrective action at our facility, based on the risks involved, and other unknown, case by case variables that may exist. Today, as the cars age and time in service becomes longed and longer, approximately 25% of all vehicles we inspect do not pass the initial pre- evaluation, and require repair before the retrofit can take place. Of these 25%, 10% are not possible to repair without full teardown, and therefore are not eligible for our IMS Retrofit procedures. The general course of action is repairing the faults and then carrying out the IMS retrofit as normal.

After your Porsche has passed our pre-inspection, the retrofit procedure can be executed. 

The following procedure pertain to normal, preventive IMS bearing retrofits. These things will differ should your engine come to us with a failed or failing IMS bearing which will always cost more, take longer and be more risky, extensive and not guaranteed to save your engine. 

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Disassembly. Before the IMS bearing can be extracted we must first gain access to the heart of your Porsche's drivetrain. To do this the transaxle is removed much like a standard clutch replacement procedure. With the transaxle removed the next component to be removed is the flywheel and clutch assembly, or on tiptronic cars the flex plate will be removed. As we remove these components each is visually inspected for wear and problems that may exist are noted by our technicians, these things will be brought to the owner's attention immediately to properly plan for corrective action. With the drivetrain and clutch assemblies removed we will gain access to the IMS bearing flange of your Porsche where our next stage of the process will begin.

Preparation for IMS Bearing Extraction. At this stage we can't simply extract your IMS bearing! We must verify that your engine has proper camshaft timing so that timing can be maintained throughout the IMS extraction and re-insertion procedures, this is VERY CRITICAL! If the engine saw deviations during the ECU portion of the pre-inspection or if the engine had low power on the dyno the cam timing is at great suspect for being improper and will need to be reset prior to the extraction of the IMS bearing, so the cam lock tools can be installed. Before IMS bearing extraction occurs all other corrective actions, like problematic lifters and worn vario-cam components will be addressed.

 IMS Bearing ExtractionOnce the cams have been locked and crankshaft parked at TDC, the chain tensioners are removed. At this point the IMS bearing flange is removed for access to the IMS bearing which can then be extracted. The extraction procedure uses special tools developed by Flat 6 Innovations to pull the IMS bearing from the IMS body. If at this time problems are encountered, such as a bearing that is in the middle of a failure mode we have additional tools and techniques developed to effectively handle those situations. When complications occur during this procedure you want your Porsche to be in our hands and no one else's- period.

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Preparation for bearing insertion. With the original equipment IMS bearing removed from your engine we can now focus on outfitting your Porsche with the IMS Solution retrofit bearing. Before the new bearing is inserted we carry out more inspections of the associated components that can now be accessed with the IMS flange and bearing removed. We use a borescope to check for IMS tensioner paddle wear, we inspect the bore of the IMS body and we do a visual inspection of the IMS drive chain also with the borescope. These are all areas of concern that need to be inspected while we have access to them. Lastly we inspect the OEM Porsche IMS bearing that was extracted from your engine for signs of fretting on the outer diameter of the bearing which then might require loctite bearing mount to properly install your new bearing, if the housing bore is worn or damaged. Additionally, if the bearing has expelled any f.o.d. (foreign object debris), we will have to take additional steps to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed before the IMS retrofit is completed and additional action that might be required after the installation is complete. We have developed other products with LN Engineering like magnetic drain plugs and full flow filters (without pressure bypasses) to allow collection of these contaminants when procedures are carried out in less than ideal situations, like when a bearing has started to fail or has failed.

 IMS Bearing Insertion. 

With extraction and more inspections behind us we can now install the IMS Solution bearing to your Porsche's engine and properly outfit it for many more miles of trouble-free service. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that a much better IMS bearing has been applied to your engine and you'll think about that while you are driving the car too. The installation of the new bearing isn't the difficult part, in fact at this stage we are already on the home stretch of the procedure. With the camshafts still in a locked position and the crankshaft pinned at TDC, the new bearing is inserted into the IMS body and secured with a snap ring. Next, the billet chromoly steel bearing flange is sealed and torqued to specification. At this point the IMS bearing retrofit procedure is completed and reassembly can commence.

Reassembly. At this point we inspect chain tensioners for wear and either clean your existing units, or replace with newer updated Porsche items. This is done on a case by case basis as we also do with lifters, new tensioners add cost while generally cleaning the tensioners is adequate for successful future operation. The tensioners are reassembled and the camshaft timing tools are removed from the cams along with the locking pin that has been holding the crankshaft at TDC during the procedure. 

RMS (Rear Main Seal). While we have access to the Rear Main Seal area of your Porsche we take the opportunity to address the oil leak issues that plague most M96 engines at some point during their lives. Over time Porsche has developed better and better Rear Main Seals and RMS installation tools to properly fit these seals to the M96 engine to solve leakage issues. It would not be wise to have access to this area without taking the opportunity to apply the latest Porsche updated Rear Main Seal and use the latest Porsche special tool to install it. Each Flat 6 Innovations IMS Retrofit procedure includes the newest Porsche RMS, installed with the Porsche tool for the job. We will not reassemble your vehicle without updating this seal to the latest and greatest offering! This is part of the process and we do not charge extra for it, as others do!

New Clutch Assembly. (OPTIONAL! NOT INCLUDED IN BASE COSTS!) As we work to reassemble your drivetrain we'll outfit your Porsche with a new clutch assembly to include the clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing. We will do this as standard procedure even if your car is low mileage! This is done because we want to ensure that no action is required after our procedure is carried out for many thousands of miles and because the clutches in modern Porsches are not known for extended service life. It is quite normal for the clutch assembly in any Boxster or 996 to be compromised to near the failure point at only 40,000 miles of service. As an owner you want to avoid clutch failure with an M96 powered Porsche as this guarantees the necessity for a new flywheel, which costs 1,200.00 in most cases and is not part of our standard costs associated with the IMS retrofit service. If your dual mass flywheel is found to be faulty it must be replaced and that must be done now while the labor to do so is included with the procedure. Never, under any circumstance will we substitute a lighter single mass flywheel onto your engine, please do not request it. Want reasons for this? See this page: BOOM! The tale of the two piece Crankshaft

In some instances Porsches that have had a recent clutch replacement may see reduced procedure costs if we choose to re-use the clutch assembly. This is something that we determine after an inspection of the recently replaced components and the choice as to re-use is ours completely as we are responsible for keeping your retrofitted Porsche trouble free for as long as possible. Don't think that just because the clutch was recently replaced that it can be reused, it may not have been of proper quality or could be wearing excessively, even at low mileage. 

If your Porsche is equipped with a tiptronic transaxle you have no clutch. In this scenario we replace the torque converter seal and re-fit the flexplate as factory. Some tiptronic 996 vehicles can experience higher than normal costs due to the manufacturer of the transaxle and the fact that the engine and transaxle must be removed to facilitate all the procedures we have outlined thus far. If you have a tiptronic Porsche, you must call us for an accurate quote based on your vehicle and it's equipment. The costs outlined in this article do not pertain to tiptronic vehicles.

Drivetrain Reassembly. With the clutch assembly replaced the remainder of the drivetrain is reassembled. We do not replace any drivetrain components as part of the standard price for our service, but we do inspect CV joint assemblies and other components to ensure they are serviceable. We will recommend replacement if necessary and give you the option of us carrying out this work for you during reassembly.

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Refill the oiling system. As the final step before the vehicle is prepared for post-evaluation the engine is filled with your choice of either a Porsche approved lubricant or our own formulation of Joe Gibbs DT40 co-developed with LN Engineering and Joe Gibbs Racing especially for the M96 engine(standard costs include an allowance of 100.00 for engine oil, more expensive oils will lead to cost increases for the procedure). At this time if the owner chooses we may outfit the vehicle with the LN Engineering Magnetic Drain Plug. If the engine has seen a partial or complete IMS failure a subsequent oil and filter change will be necessary to act as a flush, after the post evaluation is carried out. A magnetic drain plug is required in these situations to gather remaining debris.

Post-Evaluation. Now that your Porsche's IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure and any associated repairs is now complete, it is ready for the post-evaluation. The engine is started and brought up to operating temperature while we interrogate the ECU to verify camshaft timing.  Finally, your vehicle is put through an over-the-road test where our team will  drive your vehicle a minimum of 37 miles to ensure there are no oil leaks or areas of concern that you need to be aware of. This may add several days or even a week to the time for us to complete the repair, but we would rather find a problem while your vehicle is under our care and be able to rectify it then and there rather than have a customer have a problem after it has been shipped or picked up and is no longer in our care. If you choose for us not to drive your car, you have that choice, but know that the price of the procedure won't be at any reduced rate.

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How long does the IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure take?

Once you have decided that you want to have the IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure done to your Porsche, you'll first call Flat 6 and speak to Jud. He'll go over the whole process with you, costs, and scheduling. Once we have scheduled your repair, you have two options.

If you plan on bringing your car to us and have Flat 6 perform the procedure as a "Waiter", you'll need to plan to be in the area for a minimum of four days. The first day is to do the pre-eval and disassembly, day two to carry out the procedure and reassembly, day three for post-eval and test drive, and day four to account for Murphy's law. We're located in a very scenic area with the City of Helen, GA, just a short drive away, which is well known for German cuisine and culture. We're also miles away from the famed "Tail of the Dragon" as well as "Blood Mountain" on US 129, so you'll experience some of the best roads in the country to give your Porsche the workout it deserves. We discourage this method of retrofit procedure as we'd rather be given as much time as possible to carry out the procedure and not have to worry about the possibilities of having your engine fail pre-evaluation and leave you stranded. Not all engines pass our pre-evaluation.

However, most choose to ship their cars to us from as far as California and even Canada. We'll help make shipping arrangements simple and easy for you as we do this routinely, as we have very few local customers. We became shipping brokers in 2008 to facilitate the shipping of vehicles across the USA and we can ensure that we find a qualified transport company with a positive rating to move your Porsche.

We'll work with you to make your IMS  Solution Retrofit experience as trouble free and simple as possible. Whether your car is driven in or shipped to our facility, you'll receive the same world class respect, honesty and courtesy that has helped set our parent company apart from all others over the course of the past 24 years.

Please see page 12 of this article for further information pertaining to scheduling your IMS Retrofit Procedure with Flat 6 Innovations. 

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What is the Flat 6 difference? 

As you have already figured, we're not your typical repair facility. We don't do brake jobs or replace trim pieces. Our one and only concern is the heart of your Porsche - its engine- and we do it better than anyone else. The same facility where this work will take place is where we have developed and tested them as well as where we build engines and perform continuing research and development to improve your Porsche and driving experience with added reliability and longevity. When people ask why we charge more, the answer is simple, it's because we do the most, and because of that we offer value.

It's also because we're the most experienced and most knowledgeable. The other guys charge less because they are doing less. When the other guys hit a problem, who do they call? They call us! If we have a problem, we just overcome it. Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering worked together to develop the components and procedures to replace the IMS bearing, this is why our procedure sets the gold standard by which all other retrofits are compared. Your car is here for one reason alone - you chose the best - and you will not be disappointed! 

The very first dual row IMS Bearing was retrofitted here at the Flat 6 Innovations Cleveland Georgia location; that engine is still providing exceptional performance today. Shouldn't your retrofit procedure be carried out in the same facility? After all its right where the IMS Solution was invented and where it was developed 100% in house. In fact, it is our team that "Certifies" the other IMS Solution Certified Installers who sparsely populate North America

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How much does the FLAT 6 INNOVATIONS IMS Bearing Retrofit procedure cost? 

Pricing varies depending on model, year, and equipment such as manual/tiptronic or C2/C4. You will not find another company to carry out this work with a fixed rate, all others will do the work by the hour, meaning you will not know exactly what the procedure will end up costing. With our methods the end costs are known up front and that makes it easier to budget for the procedure. We can do this work with fixed rates because we know what we are up against, and know how long the work will take and what components and incidentals that will be required right down to nuts, bolts and lubricant.

The following costs are for PREVENTIVE MEASURES not instances where IMS bearings are in a failure mode or have completely failed. These "above and beyond" repairs always costs more and can't have up front stated charges. If you have a failed or failing IMS bearing we MUST see and evaluate your engine before any costs can be even roughly estimated, no exceptions. 

Manual C2 996 or Boxster or Boxster S, 5 or 6 speed - $4,900.00

Manual C4 996 - $5,200.00

All Tiptronic models - $CALL. To give you a rough estimate, a Boxster Tiptronic will run approximately $500.00 more than manual vehicles. Tiptronic procedures are more complicated and take longer to complete, hence the added costs. In most cases the Tiptronic retrofits require the entire engine and transaxle to be dropped from the vehicle to facilitate IMS Retrofit. Due to this aded costs are incurred with labor, as well as coolant and other necessary supplies for engine extraction, and installation.

Here is an itemized breakdown of what you are getting for the FLAT 6 INNOVATIONS IMS Solution procedure for a manual C2 or C4 996 or any Boxster or Boxster S:

-  IMS Solution retrofit kit 

100.00 allowance for your choice of lubricant and filter (If you use an exotic oil, you can supply it or pay the difference between the 100.00 allowance and the cost of your choice of oil)

- Specialty Labor to complete pre-inspection, disassembly, bearing procedure, reassembly and post inspection to include extensive test drive, a value of 2,135.00

-Dynamometer evaluations are carried out as an optional service, inquire for details

Vehicles that are shipped to and from our facility are free of Georgia state sales tax on the parts used. If you travel to our facility for the procedure to be done you can expect Georgia sales tax on the components to be applied. If you are a Georgia resident, sales tax also applies, and will be added to all invoices (please do not ask us to waive this!)

We can also apply upgrades to the services above applying more of the LN Engineering components for their added retail costs. This includes Lo-Temp thermostats, Magnetic Drain Plugs and etc.

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Warranty. In the real world no piece of paper will keep any mechanical device from failing. Many companies choose to give the purchaser a false sense of security by making that warm and fuzzy feeling go as deeply as possible with an extravagant warranty. Here we understand the reality of the real world and know that there are twenty other modes of failure that can also impact your engine, therefore we choose not to offer a warranty for these procedures. There are others who will risk life and limb to gain your work by giving you the warranty that you are looking for to further justify your expenditure, but we will not. People all over the country (and world) look to us for our specialized services and thats because we are effective. We are effective because our efforts are centered more around application than sales and extensive paperwork with things like limited written warranties that are generally worthless. A warranty is often times just a gamble that the provider is taking to make a sale and we don't do business in that manner. The purpose of our extensive pre and post evaluations as well as dynamometer testing is to find issues before your vehicle leaves our care and control, issues that we WILL take care of before you receive your vehicle back from our facility. I am confident that if I can't break the retrofitted vehicle in my controlled setting, that you will also not be able to break our work. We only offer warranties on full engine updates with ALL modes of failure identified and addressed, otherwise we can't assume responsibility for the rest of the engine that Porsche built for your car. I warranty the things that I assemble 100% start to finish with my own hands, from scratch, but not otherwise. We hate to be so direct with these statements, but we are realists and this is simply reality. 

The IMS Retrofit procedure is considered "Experimental", it always has been and always will be, because it is not recognized by Porsche at all. Upon completion of your vehicle we'll have you sign an waiver stating that you understand the risks associated with this experimental procedure and are willing to assume them 100%, not holding my company responsible for your engine in any way, shape or form.  

We make sure that all applicants for the IMS Solution understand this up-front and agree to these terms prior to accepting the work.

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 How Do I Schedule My Flat 6 Innovations IMS Solution Retrofit Procedure?

 By this time I am sure that you are convinced that the IMS Bearing in your Porsche M96 engine should be replaced. If you aren't then do some further google searches on "Porsche IMS Bearing Failure" and keep reading, you will see that the problem is real and happening every day to people who don't even know that the engine is equipped with an IMS Bearing. 

NOTE: Our current wait times for all IMS Solution preventative procedures is at least 4 months

At this point you'll need to contact my team to schedule our specialized IMS Retrofit Procedure to be applied to your Porsche. This can be done via telephone or email at the phone number and email addresses listed below:

Raby Enterprises Inc.

Flat 6 Innovations Division

47 Raby Drive, Cleveland GA 30528 

Email-  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone- 706.219.4874 Ext 627

After the initial phone contact we will forward you some simple paperwork so we can set you up an account in our system. We will also require a 750.00 non-refundable binder to be placed to hold your specific slot in our very busy schedule. Jud Fink, our General Manager will assist you with everything else from this point forward to include arranging for your vehicle's shipping to our facility. Jud will also assist those who wish to drive their Porsche to our facility for the service with scheduling local lodging in our very beautiful corner of the North Georgia Mountains. If you would like, Jud can set you up with a pre-procedure phone consultation with me, Jake Raby prior to scheduling, please note that I am not available by phone generally should you call without an appointment.

Read more on the contact us pages as well as "our location". You will be sent a map to our facility prior to your arrival as well as a pass code for our gated entrance so you can enter our compound easily at the scheduled time. We believe in security here and much of what we do is carried out in a manner thats the automotive equivalent to "skunk works" :-)

Note: We require appointments for all procedures to be carried out, our facility is not a general walk -in repair shop, we carry out extensive procedures and are generally closed to the general public except during our "open house" type events. We do not have a customer lounge or waiting area, so once we give you a tour of our facility we'll need you to clear our work areas and go into town to enjoy yourself while we begin your IMS Retrofit Procedure.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that you now understand what the Flat 6 IMS Solution Retrofit procedure is all about, what we do and why our charges are more than the other shops who simply replace your IMS Bearing. Here we ensure your engine is worthy of the procedure, then we carry out the procedure as thoroughly as possible and test our work at a level that most other facilities simply do not have the capability to do. That is the "Flat 6 Difference" and the reason why we invented, and Patented "The Substitute", The IMS Solution. US Patent 8,992,089 B2. 

Jake Raby
President, Raby Enterprises Inc. 
IMS Solution Inventor
US Patent 8,992,089 B2